Beat-Herder 2019 Review

Beat-Herder is wild, wacky and proud of it. Although incredible music is on offer, the renowned northern festival offers an immersive experience, In mother Beat-herders own words “built on unconditional love and the tireless efforts of many. From plants grown from seed, hand painted signs and flags, restoring old cars, to homemade hymn books; the detail and creativity is endless”.

Where head-thumping tunes are just one of the many elements on offer in this intimate but big enough to loose yourself festival, there is literally something for everyone and every age group. being that we have traveled the 5+ hours to Boomtown for years and a festival we hold in the highest regards, we can are so very happy to have found Beat-herder just 40 miles away from us just as crazy wacky and wild truly another place where you can be what you want without judgement from anyone.

Pro’s & Con’s


  • Well staffed with friendly security, helpful support staff. 8/10
  • Well planned out always something going on. 9/10
  • Spoilt for choice with food, all priced reasonably. 8/10
  • Once through the main gates no more security checks. (Take your own drinks to stages) 9/10
  • 22 stages and many other venues. 10/10
  • Price being from £127.50 and absolute bargain 10/10
  • Perfect size you can walk round the site in a few hours and get to any of the 22 stages quickly and tirelessly, but still big enough to not see everything with so much going on. 10/10
  • Toilets & Showers, plenty of them and always clean enough 9/10
  • Music till 4am maybe a little later around the campfire. 10/10
  • Trouble, we didn’t see any issues at all security were always helpful and friendly. 10/10
  • Artists , not the huge £ acts but an amazing selection of top line artists to new artists and everything in between worked really really well and introduced people to many different genre’s 10/10


  • No drug testing on site would be good to see the Loop here.
  • Same as all UK festival’s we have visited, some form of checking tents in and out and a fine issued if tents are left?, although Beat-herder organisers have tried to encourage people to recycle with incentives on money back and tent recycling areas. Beat-herder staff did have the site cleaned up in 4 days but they shouldn’t have to do this we are all responsible adults.
  • 4/5g Mobile masts would be an amazing addition.
  • I would have put opening on Thursday but they have already planned this for 2020.

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