Cardboard Eco Tents for Festivals

Each year its a fight to get people not to leave behind their rubbish and especially their tents at festivals. Some festivals are managing to reduce this waste but not enough.

Its suggested that 250,000 plastic tents are left behind at festivals in the UK alone. And these tents are almost impossible to recycle.

One plastic tent left behind at a festival is worth 250 plastic cups or 8000 straws.

Cardboard Eco Tents for Festivals

So those awesome people who try all year round to not use so much plastic, be plastic free, or Eco friendly have ruined that with that one action.

Cardboard Eco Tents for Festivals have been around for some time now at least 5 years maybe more but they haven’t caught on yet – Why is this?

Would you sleep in a cardboard box?

You might be thinking that its not going to work very well sleeping in a cardboard box, but of course these cardboard tents are not just any old cardboard box.

For starters they are 100% recyclable and made for a very think cardboard which ward of rain for several days. Most tents are big enough to take two people, and even have a window and a printed doorbell, most important.

One of the great things about them is that they don’t get hot in that morning sun so you don’t wake up feeling hot and dehydrated. (As much)

These Cardboard Eco Friendly tent suppliers are partnering with festivals – so that you don’t even carry them with you – you can order them and get them when you arrive, some suppliers will even set them up for you. And at the end of the festival they even take them to get them recycled for you.


Where can you get Cardboard Eco Tents for Festivals

You can either book them from the website of the festival or you can go directly to Kartent ‘s website

If you know of any other suppliers of similar Cardboard Eco Tents for Festivals please do let us know, we would be happy to share.

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