Boomtown, a city of wonderment, theater, escapism and community with breathtaking and intricate stages and streets just waiting to be discovered. Below you’ll find an introduction to each of the city’s eleven districts sprawling across four areas: Hilltop, Downtown, Temple Valley and Whistlers Green. Each district is filled with fully immersive venues and beatnik characters. As you explore all the city has to offer, remember to think about where you will make your home.

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Fstvl August 16, 2018 3:05 pm
Site Organisation
Safety & Security
Toilets & Washrooms
Festival Staff Mood
Overall Value For Money

An amazingly well organised Festival for it’s size, we had zooloo passes but the standard toilets seemed well cared for and clean for the most part, Security on the gates was polite and didn’t spoil the festival mood, Security and staff throughout the festival were more there to pick up the people who had taken thing’s to far and care for them. We had the VIP springs upgrade and worth every penny of the upgrade having a much more open campsite with showers and proper toilets, but we had friends in the normal camp areas who still thought it was a bargain for the size of festival. You can read our full review here

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