Map of Music Festivals in Europe 

With literally thousands of European music festivals every year wouldn’t it be great if we had a map of all of the music festivals in Europe, to show us what was available.

We enjoy most of these music festivals during the summer months, maybe with some hope that during this time we will get some nicer weather. As we know with many festivals such as Glastonbury we are much more accustomed with packing our wellies than suntan cream.  As you might know, if you read our blog How to prepare for your very first music festival.

However, most of the music festivals do take place during the small space of time between May to September and they are scattered all over Europe, you probably don’t even realise just how close many festivals are to you, and how many you could fit in during that time. 

Whether these festivals are in the deepest darkest countryside, by the seaside or in an industrial area, music festivals are usually out of the way, hard to find and not always very well advertised so we are often unsure what is going on in our area or other areas in which we would like to travel.

Mapotics Map of Music Festivals in Europe 

Well, Mapotic has put a stop to that confusion by compiling a complete Map of music festivals in Europe, as you can imagine because the list of Festivals in Europe goes into the thousands, so to complete this is going to take some time. (Unless you can help).  Adding places is not automatic “yet”, so they are starting with the most popular festivals in Europe. Such as Tomorrowland, Glastonbury, Boardmasters, Creamfields and Bestival which I had no idea was so huge! And Mapotic will be continuing to add more venues over time.

The great thing about the music festival map on Mapotic is that anyone can add to this map. You can add your own festivals if you are a festival goer and want to place your favourite festivals on the map or you are a festival organiser and want to make sure your own festival is mentioned.  It’s not difficult to do and there are step by step instructions if you need them.

You can add any type of genre of music to the festival map and its best to include as much information that the festival goer might need to know…  

Map of Music Festivals in Europe

Available headings are…


General introduction and information about the festival.


Where the festival is held, be it an airport, beach, jungle or a cool spot within a city or in middle of nowhere.


Info if the festival provides any kind of accommodation. Some big festivals offer a possibility to book a campsite while buying tickets. Some websites provide links for external and off-site accommodation providers.

Food & Drink

Find out what delicacies you can try at the festival. Does the festival offer vegetarian, vegan or raw food? Can you pay for the food with cash or do you need to purchase coupons?  Does the festival recycle the food containers or does it offer returnable food containers? 

Getting There

How can you get to the venue? Are there any shuttles or does the public transport go there?


Info about tickets and price if known. Please note that the prices are only for informative purposes and it is necessary to check the website of each festival to see up-to-date prices. You can get a general overview how much is a day ticket or if the festival offers multiple day passes for more affordable prices.


Some festivals have more than one stage and each stage is for a different music genre. Find out about the number of stages at the festival.

Maybe you can think of some more information you would like on the Mapotic European music festival map, in which case you can message the owner of the map directly from the map and ask him if this is possible.

Another use that Festival organizers might find useful is to create a venue map of their own venue, to show people where the toilets are, where each stage (what is on each stage) or in which field is the camping or glamping taking place, this might be very useful for festival goers to know. 

Check it out, and see if you can improve Mapotics Map of Music festivals in Europe – take the challenge – put your mark on the map and let’s see how many we can get on there before the start of summer! 

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