The Beat-Herder Festival Preview

Arguably the Northwest’s most outrageous festival, the infamous Beat Herder returns next week for her 14th year. And we are beyond excited to be attending this year being close to our home town in the North west its at atrocity that we haven’t attended before!, we have only heard great things about this festival and im sure it won’t disappoint, from what we have seen it looks like a mini Boomtown full of creativity and positivity with great music and even better vibes.

Built on unconditional love and the tireless efforts of many. From plants grown from seed, hand painted signs and flags, this years fancy dress with the fantastic letter R , the detail and creativity is endless. As always the creators aim to push these boundaries further, and excitement is building as the hours pass.

This summer’s festival offers an amazing caliber of talent. A trio of headliners features Rudimental, Groove Armada, Hannah Wants. A huge variety of artists populate the festival, giving those lucky enough to have tickets as they sold out ages ago a whole city to get lost in.

Have a listen to The Beat-Herder 2019 playlist to get you in the mood !

Visit The website for the full line up

And Our Festival directory listing here

With 21 stages and extra productions where will you spend your time ?

The Beat-Herder Stage

The flagship arena, the throbbing heart of our little Shire and the place to be if you want to see the biggest and brightest stars, cherry-picked for your pleasure from the local, national and international pantheons.

Toil Trees

These woods are near and dear to our hearts – the birthplace of Beat-Herder, back when a bit of foliage camouflage was a necessary measure… Come and channel your inner wood-sprite with Bacchic beat-chasing through the night; aided by a whole host of turntable shamans and the soft, dappling glow of the loveliest light show EVER, anywhere.

The Fortress

If you think you’ve got what it takes, head to that bloody great thing called the Fortress for a serious showdown sesh, where all things breaks, beats, techno and house bounce off the corrugated metal (recycled and reborn through the ardour of the noble souls who rebuild it each year!) and reverberate through the dancing-compacted ground right up your spine. Join the ranks of the barmy bass-face army and get storming those walls like it’s war.

The Ring

Witness the immense geologic structure known as the ring, a feat of primitive human engineering that puts Stonehenge – indeed, even the Pyramids – to shame, and wonder: which prehistoric barmpot could have performed such a feat? We’ll tell ya who: our Pratty did it, with his superhuman strength and shovel-like mitts. This sacred site is the arena for the Herder tribe’s ancient rituals of music and dance and therefore must be respected; no climbing up the bankings lest the spirits be disturbed (and muppets sent home). All genres converge in this magical melting pot of past, present and future – the only commandment is to have a smashing time!

Trash Manor

Lowlifes and the high and mighty rub shoulders in this eclectic, eccentric courtyard of chaos. Sip a few under the awnings of the manor bar or throw some crackers moves between the fountain and the statuary. The lords and ladies of this regal renegade estate play anything from punk to house to reggae to rockabilly – prepare to get Trashed!

The Factory

From production line to party time – welcome to The Factory, where you clock in and never clock out. The monotony of the machines may have gone but the beats and energy still remain. Get down there and get a shift in.


Ey up cockers! Sick of all this rave rubbish? Get thi sen down to the Working Mens’ for a good dose of the old skool craic. Local bands, proper pints of bitter and some no-bollocks folk and rock will come as a welcome antidote to all that chuffin’ dance music the nippers are into. Whether you’re after variety acts, bingo or a bit o’ summat blue to keep your Dad quiet, the BH&DWMSC will get you back in touch with yer inner miner without the dire life expectancy.

The Perfumed Garden

Sweet herbal fragrances drift from the gates of the fabled Perfumed Garden, enticing all you green-fingered folk out there to come and bask in the shade of their beautiful dome. Enjoy a feast, a few tipples and, when the sun goes down, a full night of funky freakouts – Mother Nature never stops dishing out her bountiful harvest in this garden of unearthly delights…

Smoky Tentacles

Where fractal coils of smoke add to the thick, heady fog of shisha fumes, you can lounge like a desert sheik on fine cushions and rugs, and feast on exquisite coffee and cakes, or take another puff on the bubbling pipe. A place to gather your scattered selves back in a moment of tranquillity, with the finest acoustic acts, dubbed-out poetry and downbeat sounds with swirled and psyched-out visuals from our resident DJs and VJs. When the sun goes down, things get a bit more uptempo and the tentacles start to wriggle…

Bushrocker Hi-Fi

Roots and reggae HQ for all you bassbin junkies out there who live for that gut-wobbling sub-dub sensation. Head to Bushrocker to get a whiff of pungent good vibrations – all smiles here in this little slice of paradise.


Keen to get you swaggering and staggering over the turf as the night progresses, and always on-hand to buff away any grass stains, Manchester’s loveable Stumblefunk Soundsystem return once again with another broadside of aggressive inline fluff.


If a little light entertainment is needed after a weekend of dancing and good times then head on down to Beat-Herder’s famous comedy afternoon which will take place in the Factory on Sunday afternoon.

The Snug

Get all cosied up in the warm, slightly perspiring embrace of the Snug, our most intimate venue. Thick wafts of funk, soul, pop, and dance will smother you with good vibes in Grandma’s lounge.

The Parish Church

Hallelujah! I am the lord of the dance said He, and it’s time to show some devotional spirit amongst the wonkiest congregation ever to grace the pews. Sing, dance and rejoice – the worshipping never ends in this parish. Get that halo polished!


Come get your glow on and salute the giver of all life with the Sunrise crew, in a truly mind-illuminating experience. With their tip-top production values and extensive experience in throwing the wildest parties, the sun has definitely got his hat on, as this pocket of psychedelia incorporates the mighty Opus Sound System (complete with a dappling of UV eye candy!), beaming out warm rays of psybreak, chilled tunes and sassy stomp. You’ll be left feeling radiant – and if you’re lucky you might even get your hide tanned!

The Illustrious Society

Barron Bon Beat-Herder & Lady Illustrious invite you to a bountiful banquet of barminess as you ‘Go Beyond’, deep into the heart of this year’s Beat-Herder Festival!

An age old secret tradition, The Illustrious Society plays host to a flamboyant feast of funky musical performances concocted by an illusive band of aristocratic misfits. With freestyle instrumental performances across the weekend and more funk than you can shake a stick at prepare to enter the home of the Filthy Funking Rich…
Dress to impress, expect the unexpected and come and indulge in an atmosphere of unrivalled revelry!!!

Hotel California

Some dance to remember, some dance to forget – but in this grand old palace of the Wild (North)West, you don’t need a reason to get your hind quarters shaking like a stallion’s. Sip cocktails and reminisce about the gold rush days, or get your spurs on for a gunslingin’ good time…

Bubba Gumma

Keep chewing till your cheeks are sore, then blow a big one and let it pop… Leanne and her bubbly buddies will get you masticating all your blues away in their plastic package of sticky-sweet fulfilment. Just remember not to swallow.

Boombox Stereo

Now in it’s third year The Boombox Stereo returns to Beat-Herder and will be once again providing a Hub for the Beat-Herder residents and their friends. Operating in association with People’s City Radio, broadcasting the stage via the station and a live youtube stream on the |BoomBoxStereo Channel. Boom.

Julie’s Barn

Finding it’s the tricky part but you’ll damn well know when you’re inside Julie’s joint. Check your inhibitions at the door of this boudoir of bedlam, where the floor tiles flash and the disco ball keeps on spinning til sunrise.

The Garage

Get your axle greased at this vinyl-only pit stop for boy racers, sheila-wheelers and mean mother truckers! Whether it’s a quick tune-up or a proper working over you need, the mucky mechanics have the tools and the tunes to get you all revved and purring once again.


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